Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dec. 4

Evening snuggles with Paisley. 

Dec. 3

Camp meeting day!!! Makes me INSANELY excited for camp this year!! (This is from last year!) 

Dec. 2

New sweater with leggings. 

Dec. 1

Outdoor lights up! 

Nov. 30

Feed me! 

Nov. 29

Remembering Grandpa Tom. :) 

Nov. 28


Nov. 27

Classrooms decorated! 

Nov. 26

One of my favorite Xmas movies!!

Nov. 25

My tree is up!!

Nov. 24

Curly hair, working the play, then dinner with the three best friends! 

Nov. 23

(Sorry for all of these coming now, but I'm so close to give up now!) 

Clean laundry and a snuggley pup!